IdGalileo fits some important carences in transportation market: the need of an eficient security system always connected to the control center and a payment device for magnetic and chip cards.

Groups like taxi drivers need a way to avoid the great number of aggressions and robberys they suffer.

IdGalileo controls the position using the GPS satellites; wich allows the users to charge for the services in base of the GPS information.

A constant communication with the control central based in SMS technology, gives the driver an important way to comunicate any possible emergency situation, as well as receive information about new clients, destinations, traffic, etc. General features.

  • Emergency signals receipt and management: The console, instaled in the vehicle, sends an emergency signal to the control center, wich identifies it, the procedency, position, and acts consequently. The system can also detect a robbery of the vehicle and send the appropiate alarm signal.
  • Position management: The control center knows at any time the position of all the vehicles connected to the system, as well as many other details about the actual situation of the vehicle.
  • The console is provided with three card readers, one for drivers personal identification, and two for magnetic and smart cards payment operations.
  • GPS based fares: The fare for the services is calculated due to the information provided by a GPS receiver instaled in the console. This system provides both clients and drivers the better way to avoid failures or frauds.
  • Public/private phone on board: The communications system installed in the vehicle provides to the clientes the chance to use the telephone as an added service wich is paid with the fare at the end of the service. The drivers also can use the phone for personal use.
  • Free hands terminal for driver’s communication.
  • Different languajes spoken messages for clients trought an implemented digital synthesized voice module.
  • Spoken received messages for driver.
  • Managing software for data collecting about services, vehicle activity, accountings, etc. Allows reports generation and data exportation.

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