Smart Lottery


SmartLottery is a rugged and portable device that combines the features of lotteries and pure POS (EMV-PCI-TQM).


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Smart Lottery is a standalone device that combines multiple technologies to deliver a reliable solution, secure, robust and user friendly for the most demanding environments.
Its most important technical characteristics give an idea of the versatility of this TPV-POS: LINUX OS, TFT 3.5 TouchScreen, 32-bit processor (1GHz), Flash memory (up to 4GB) and RAM (512Mb), high-capacity SD memory external, alphanumeric keyboard, navigation keys, CMOS compact scanner, text to speech converter, payment system (EMV, PCI), Contactless and NFC, 3G communication, WiFi and Bluetooth 2.0, thermal printer compatible sizes (58/80mm), 24-bit stereo codec, headphones and microphone, durable battery (32W/h, with memory), GPS, two speakers, (Global positioning System), etc

Thanks to its functionality, the TPV-POS can be used in application such as lottery, loyalty programs, POS payment system, correspondent banking, transport, security, specific projects of ticketing, etc

All IDATA device, have SDK (Software Development Kit) that enables third parties to develop solutions/applications SW with fully tested hardware, like a proprietary device.

It is important standing out, Smart Lottery has been designed with one main objective: to be a standalone POS terminal. Compliant with all the safety standards for financial transactions: EMV L1, EMV L2, PCI 3.x, TQM (Mastercard) and is prepared to meet any financial application of any financial other on financial application where payment with debit and/or credit cards is needed.

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