True Form Factor SMART-POS (TFF)


True Form Factor SMART-POS (TFF) is a 5.5″ touchscreen Android™ portable device built in a rugged reference design


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True Form Factor SMART-POS (TFF) is a rugged and portable device reference design. This terminal has a number of elements that make up the better solution to release an Android POS to the market.

It is a standalone device that combines the Kinetics NXP K81 with more than 20 years of know-how and expertise on Card Payment devices to avoid technology and non-certification risks by the collaboration with Intelligent Data.

lt’s most important technical characteristics give an idea of the power of this SMART-POS: ANDROID OS, 5.5″ Touchscreen, security controller MK81 running EMV L1&L2, MicroSIM, Micro SD card slot, payment system (EMV, PCI), Contactless, 2G/3G/4G communications, USB-C connectivity, Bluetooth and WiFi, headphones, speaker and microphone, QR codes camera, etc…

The terminal is completely modular and flexible to produce in several versions, (with/without), Printer, Barcode scanner, Video cameras, Biometric, etc. High-tech or Price sensitive configurations.

One of its principal goals is to reduce the time to market up to zero, moreover reducing investments on R&d and Industrial to a variable license model based by business success. It has a SDK (Software Development Kit) that enables third parties to develop solutions/applications SW with fully tested hardware. Furthermore, white labelling is possible, going to the market with customer’s brand.

It is important standing out that TFF will compliant with all the standards for financial transactions: EMV L1, EMV L2, PCI 5.1 certified, MasterCard, Visa, AMEX and others optionally.

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