Who are we?

Intelligent Data was founded in 1.993 by a group of Telecommunications Engineers from the Technical College of Alcala de Henares University who joined the initiative in the field of R&D&I in electronic equipment and telecommunications technologies.

Experience and quality are the keys to national and international markets, skills that drive our development year after year. The humane and professional treatment is our cover letter, and the satisfaction of our customers, the best guarantee.

With regard to the development of R&D projects, we must stress that Intelligent Data is a company that maintains partnerships and services with the, Alcala de Henares University, Polytechnic University of Madrid, Institute for Aerospace Technology (INTA), Spanish Metrology Centre, Certification for High Technology Centre CATECHOM, Madri+d, Technical College of Industrial Engineering of Madrid, CETECOM, etc.

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Job opportunities

In Intelligent Data we are always looking for innovative and motivated people to be part of our staff, within the electronics, telecommunications, marketing and sales fields, for reinforcing our market position. Intelligent Data is a company devoted to R&D with the idea of a constant development and improvement. Our projects are not common. Therefore we are not looking for common people. You need to be a talented and passionate person and quite curious to understand exactly the customer’s requirements and find out how to implement the best solution.

One of the most convincing ways to prove our distinctive character and to build strengths inside, is through our identity. Our values are part of our brand core, which unify a varied group and make up the basis of what we do. Our attitudes constitute the manners which we behave both to our customers and between us with.

Our values include: customer orientation, carrying out commitment, cordiality, enterprising and team spirit, and profitability.

If you believe that your profile fits with this description and you are a dynamic and eager person, do not hesitate to mail your curriculum vitae.

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Have the services and support of IData is a guarantee of closeness and commitment to the customer, with an excellent level of professionalism.

Javier Carro Calleja



Antonio Jiménez Alamo

Sales Department

María José Lobatón Gavilán

Head of Industrial Department

Francisco Requena Arnau

Head of Department Research and Development (R & D)

Víctor Manuel de Pablo Basurto