Our ID42 terminal is a unique mobility device. A portable sales center that allows you to manage all of your business processes in the palm of your hand. Through years of innovation and development, we have designed a device with unique features and virtually unlimited applications.

Its large number of possibilities concentrated in a single device and its Android operating system, have allowed us to develop new applications within other markets, from the lottery sector to the transportation sector. Each market segment demands a device adapted to its needs, where certain features prevail over others, and we at Intelligent Data have detected this need of our customers.

Today we are pleased to announce the launch of a standard ID42 model with all the capabilities of a portable enterprise management center. This terminal will continue to maintain the core features of the range - state-of-the-art communicationsand connectivity, printer or barcode reader, among others - at a more competitive price. In this way, the standard ID42 model adapts perfectly to the needs of other markets relevant to our device.

In parallel, the ID42 POS model will continue to be available to our customers and interested companies. A rugged and ruggedized device with payment media offering everything needed to turn any user into an independent sales center. This terminal has all the certifications at international level of means of payment:

Main features of the terminal

Both models are equipped with the latest technology in the industry and include the following outstanding features:

  • 4G communications, Wifi, Bluetooth.
  • Improvements in connectivity and NFC technology
  • High-performance barcode reader and shortcut button for improved usability.
  • 80-millimeter printer.
  • Text-to-Speech converter, and high-powered hands-free sound.
  • Help request button.
  • Android operating system with infinite configuration possibilities.

By launching this new line, we seek to continue this trend of integral design thanks to the feedback from our customers and the opinions of their end users, incorporating innovations in the field of accessibility within the device itself. At Intelligent Data, we are specialists in the design and development of lottery terminals. If you would like more information about our services in this field, you can consult this link.