At the forefront of social and health care

Innovating in health and social services

Healthcare, assistance and social needs are becoming more and more important in a society. With ID Vita Home we bring together in a single ecosystem all the necessary elements to combine all the social and healthcare services that users demand in their daily lives.

In this way, we provide better care for their users, streamline processes and save costs for service providers through the latest technologies.

A socio-health ecosystem

ID Vita Smartwatch

Our watch with all the necessary functionalities for an optimal tracking and monitoring of the users, both outdoors and indoors.

Vita ID Home_IData Nexus_Intelligent Data

IData Nexus Platform

Our device and multimedia management platform. It allows the control of the home automation associated to the ecosystem and will allow the analysis of its data through Artificial Intelligence.

ID Vita Home terminals

ID Vita Home is the home device of the ecosystem. A HUB with the latest technologies available to users and health and social services.


The ID Vita Smartwatch and the ID Vita Home terminals operate completely autonomously at all times. This is an advantage when it comes to getting the best performance out of each of the parts.


The different components of the ecosystem are totally independent, which facilitates their integration and implementation in a staggered manner with the current services of any organization.

Specialized socio-health terminals

ID Vita Home is our central hub of the ecosystem and a unique terminal in the healthcare market. It features a high-definition screen, state-of-the-art connectivity and sensors, as well as an adaptation to the accessibility needs of the market, thanks to its adapted keyboard and software improvements (adapted interface and voice assistant).

ID Vita Home is available in two models. Both share the same architecture and differ in screen dimensions:

ID Vita Home Pro

The ID Vita Home "Pro" model offers a high quality, high resolution 10. 1-inch tilting screen, which is ideal for users who need to make video calls or view multimedia content.

ID Vita Home Compact

The "Compact" version of the terminal offers a 5.5-inch screen suitable for all types of households. An ideal version to enjoy all the multimedia features of ID Vita in a more comfortable way.

A window to new services

Unifies services at the socio-health level

The device has all the technical capabilities to serve as a link between telecare and the socio-health sector.

Surveys and interaction

ID Vita Home allows a more direct interaction with the end user and to assess such fundamental aspects as perceived health, through surveys and personalized forms.

Voice and multimedia assistant

Beyond its multimedia capabilities thanks to its display, the device also facilitates menu navigation through a voice assistant.

Guaranteed privacy

This is a closed system for the user, which prevents any manipulation that could jeopardize your privacy. It also allows you to hide your camera when not in use.

One step ahead

Android device

It brings together social and health services for personalized attention. A user-friendly and intuitive care and management center.

Connectivity and sensor technology

ID Vita Home offers personalized assistance by user profile. It takes into account the user's physical condition, routines and vital signs.

Design with accessibility in mind

Thanks to the ecosystem formed with the ID Vita wearable, ID Vita Home tracks the user's vital signs 24 hours a day.

High-quality display and camera

The monitoring and communication possibilities offered by the ID Vita Home ecosystem allow constant communication and monitoring of the user.

Complies with social and health care standards

UNE 158401:2019

Our ID Vita Home terminals are adapted at software and hardware level to the requirements of the UNE 158401:2019 standard. In this way, our unique device meets all industry requirements.

This standard establishes the minimum quality requirements and the minimum level of provision that a telecare service must meet. This standard applies to both public and private telecare services, in their basic and advanced modalities, as well as to in-home and out-of-home services.

SCAIP Protocol

ID Vita Home terminals comply with the SCAIP (Social Care Alarm Internet Protocol) standard for managing multimedia communications between multiple assistive devices.


We customize DTMF (Dual-Tone MultiFrequency) signaling protocols.

With the best company

A watch with health in mind

ID Vita is an accessible and user-friendly device. A fully customizable and modern smartwatch for daily use in connection with the ecosystem or independently.

Integrated device for daily use

Our Smartwatch allows autonomous daily use thanks to its battery life of up to 48 hours (depending on use). In addition, its robust and shock-resistant design ensures greater durability.

Calls and multimedia

Communication is key in healthcare. ID Vita Smartwatch makes calls with high quality sound. In addition, its large touch screen allows easy and intuitive navigation.

Compatibility with UCR devices

Frequency of European social alarm

The ID Vita ecosystem is compatible with UCR devices using the European social alarm frequency of 869 MHz.

Our push buttons

  • Drop sensor (Automatic drop alert)
  • Transmission LED indicator
  • Reduced dimensions
  • IP67
ID Vita Home - Compatibility - UCR

Device management platform


IData Nexus is our device management platform and multimedia services. Nexus is also responsible for managing the sensors associated with our terminals and will allow the analysis of the data provided by the sensors.

Device management platform

IData Nexus allows direct management of the entire fleet of ID Vita devices deployed, as well as their update and other functions. All through a modern and functional platform.

Multimedia integration

The arrival of new multimedia devices such as ID Vita Home requires services adapted to this technological innovation. IData Nexus enables the deployment of campaigns in all types of formats, including videos, and the implementation of user interactions such as surveys.

Data analytics

We are working on applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the analysis and processing of data obtained from the sensors associated with the devices. This will allow us to develop a proactive management of end-user needs.

A connected ecosystem

Connection with CE certified medical devices

ID Vita Home has the ability to connect to CE certified medical devices to obtain additional user data. Compatible devices include: blood pressure monitors, pulse oximeters, scales and thermometers.

Sensors as a differentiating element

The ID Vita Home ecosystem learns from the user's environment, through advanced sensorics in order to obtain the necessary knowledge to improve the quality of life of the end users of the service.

Edge Computing

ID Vita Home uses edge computing, performing a previous analysis of the collected data, preprocessing global variables and optimizing in data packets so that the sending to the IData Nexus cloud platform is as efficient as possible.

Contact with us

Thanks to the communication capabilities of ID Vita Home and ID Vita Smartwatch, both devices are connected at all times.

The user is monitored at all times, allowing data to be collected and sent to social and health agents, as well as alerts in case of emergencies and falls. ID Vita is the wearable of the ID Vita Home ecosystem. A device prepared for 24-hour uninterrupted monitoring.

Any questions about ID Vita Home?

Learn about its technical features and more

Operating system

  • Android customized by Intelligent Data.

User Interface

  • 10.1" IPS touch screen (Pro) // 5.5″ IPS (Compact)
  • Navigation keys
  •  Led backlighting

Multimedia features

  • Microphone and 3.5mm headphone jack.
  • Powerful integrated sound.
  • Front camera.

Terminal Management System (TMS)

OTA remote update system secured.

Temperature and humidity sensor


  • Wifi 802.11 b/g/n/a - 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz
  • 4G LTE - Maximum speed
  • GSM/GPRS/EDGE/3G/H+/4G and Quad band
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • European GPS compatible with GNSS-GPS, BeiDou, GLONASS and the European GPS Galileo system.
  • Dual SIM Card
  • External Antenna
  • USB 3.0
  • NFC
  • Ethernet connectivity (optional)

Advanced sensor integration

  • European Social Alarm Frequency of 869 MhZ
  • ZIGBEE 3.0

Remote sensors of:

  • Fire
  • C02
  • Presence
  • Electricity and water consumption
  • Natural gas, propane, butane and carbon monoxide

Indoor/outdoor antenna switchover (optional)

Radio interference monitor

Battery backup

Complies with UNE 158401:2019 standard.