A new form of lottery

The SmartLottery family

At Intelligent Data we have been collaborating for more than 30 years with the main payment methods companies in the development of new and innovative terminals for lotteries. 

For more than a decade, we have been working to develop our SmartLottery family of terminals. With each new step, we have sought to add all kinds of hardware, accessibility and software innovations. In this way, we have gained the expertise to develop SmartLottery Advanced, an all-in-one lottery device.

An accessible POS

It has a number of unique features such as side guides and markings on its display to facilitate charging for the visually impaired.

+30,000 devices

We customise the device software to your needs. In addition, we have two interchangeable keyboard options.

In the palm of your hand

SmartLottery Advanced brings together in a single device all the functionalities of other larger terminals. In addition, it has all the features to turn a retailer into an efficient lottery centre, thanks to its POS functions, ticket scanner and euro banknote detector, among other functionalities.

Thanks to the efforts of our team, we have developed an ergonomic device with all the functionalities of the market concentrated in a terminal of reduced size.

Adaptable to your needs

We customise the device software to your needs. In addition, we have two interchangeable keyboard options.

High-capacity battery

We have incorporated a high-capacity battery, which allows for 12 hours of continuous use.

More in less space

SmartLottery Advanced is a device with all the necessary functionalities for the sale and management of lotteries.

Streamlined maintenance

Its design and size allow for quicker maintenance and after-sales service. Avoiding high costs in the long term.

With the satisfaction of the most demanding sellers

Our more than 30 years of experience have allowed us to work with the main companies in the means of payment sector. In the last eight years, we have worked with ONCE, the main national lottery organization in Spain, in the development of their sales devices. 

The SmartLottery family has been developed with the needs of ONCE vendors in mind. Thanks to their small size, accessibility and communications, our terminals have facilitated the activity of great professionals over the years.

More than two decades of lottery innovation

Our Smartlottery family was born focused on satisfying the needs of the lottery market, through innovative and accessible terminals for all types of retailers and buyers. Our experience in design and industrialisation has allowed us to work with the main lottery companies in Spain and develop several of their main terminals.

Among our main products, we highlight the family of lottery terminals known as SmartLottery.

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Thanks to our experience, we are experts in the certification of projects focused on the lottery sector. In such a variable sector, we have a group of experts and the necessary expertise to obtain the necessary certifications in the shortest possible time.

Thanks to our experience in quality certifications such as the MasterCard Terminal Quality Management (TQM)we guarantee that our devices will obtain the necessary certificates with all the guarantees for their operation and the most important standards on the market: PCI Security Standards y EMVC or.

Presence at trade fairs

Throughout our history we have participated in numerous trade fairs in the sector showing our products and innovations.

Among the latest events in which we have participated, we highlight:

World Lottery Summit 2018

Buenos Aires 

Trustech 2018 in partnership with NXP