ID Vita

Telecare Smartwatch

Guarantee of safety and care

Peace of mind in your hands

A watch with health in mind

ID Vita is a Smartwatch device with the latest advances and software fully adapted to the needs of the telecare sector, also in hospital care or other activities - such as monitoring workers for their own safety.

Fully customizable

From Intelligent Data we offer, thanks to our more than 30 years of experience, a fully customized and fully adapted and customized software.

We accompany you every step of the way

Hospital Assistance


Prevention at work

ID Vita has the most advanced functionalities in the industry for monitoring and general tracking of the user through various parameters and functionalities, as well as a design designed for daily use in any situation.

For this telecare Smartwatch we have added the latest technologies to offer a cutting-edge and modern product.

Care with ID Vita

24-hour monitoring

ID Vita guarantees maximum attention to the user's condition at all times. It allows to obtain the most reliable health data: constants, sleep variations and more.

Up to two days of autonomy

Our wearable has a 580mAh battery capacity. Depending on usage, users can use the device for up to 48 hours without recharging.

Robust and adapted design

We are faced with a device created under three key pillars: accessibility, customization and robustness. It has a 1.3″ screen, a fully customizable interface and an emergency button with up to three stored phones.

Voice calls

Our smartwatch allows you to make SOS calls and two-way voice calls with your contacts.

Safety zones

If the user leaves their "safe" zones, an alert will be issued to the telecare center immediately.

Automatic alerts

We have incorporated a series of automatic alerts: user crash, prolonged user inactivity, low battery and others.

The best partner


Our Smartwatch was born as a product specialized in telecare, under the concept of offering a reliable and real-time monitoring of the user, thanks to a pioneering software. 

Ensuring their safety and, most importantly, their peace of mind, thanks to real-time monitoring, geolocation and communication at all times and a system of immediate warnings in the event of a fall or anomaly in their state of health, complemented by the SOS warning button.

Hospital assistance

ID Vita has a fully customized software adapted to the needs of any hospital center. We offer our clients a personalized treatment to adapt to their current processes.

Our smartwatch facilitates the identification of any client, location, monitoring and also offers a tool to control various devices in the client's room remotely. On the other hand, our software allows to adapt the device to the hospital system for easy identification of each user through a system of codes -QR, bars or others-.

Finally, Intelligent Data offers its customers the possibility to fully adapt the device to their needs when it comes to linking it to their workplaces. 

Occupational prevention

 Within the work environment, its possibilities as a risk prevention tool represent a paradigm shift.

In this way, it facilitates complete monitoring of the worker to ensure their well-being and has the ability to make remote assistance calls, as well as various sensors ready to send warnings in case of an accident. This provides unique safety for the workers themselves.

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