Our services

Specialists in Means of Payment (POS) and Health (Telecare)

Payment Terminals

Intelligent Data offers a wide experience in the development of devices and applications for the control and management of magnetic stripe and chip cards (card recharge and sale machines, multireaders, OEM devices for ATM, POS, etc.).

On the other hand, our electronic payment devices meet the highest security standards, thanks to quality certifications such as the MasterCard Terminal Quality Management (TQM).

Finally, in payment certifications, we also collaborate with companies to help them achieve payment certifications such as PCI EMV Visa, among others.

Health technologies

We are constantly working in the field of health technologies to offer totally avant-garde products. Currently, we have an important family of remote assistance products adapted to each particular case.

In this field we work with the latest technology in the sector to connect our clients with their end users. Above all, wevalue at all times the personalisation of each product to adapt it to the unique needs of each case.

Hardware and software

Our main concern is to offer robust and reliable products, which are able to connect our customers with their end users.

One of Intelligent Data's main leitmotifs is innovation through the maximum use of technology, to develop the best products, with the aim of exceeding our clients' expectations.

Customized solutions

We give our clients all the time they need. Intelligent Data's service is not only focused on the design and industrialization of a product.

We involve our customers in all our processes. Adapting to their demands and exceeding their expectations.

Our ultimate goal is not only to create a product composed of hardware and software, but also to guarantee the best support and after-sales service.