Socio-health sector

For people's quality of life

Bringing people together

We are specialists in the design, development and industrialisation of projects focused on health technologies. We work together with our partners to create new and innovative solutions to improve people's quality of life.

Our projects, focused on the telecare sector, elderly care centres and health centres, help to bring people together and improve their diagnosis. Thanks to them, healthcare is much more satisfactory for users and medical services.

Health experts


Our projects are tailored to end users to give them the best possible experience.


We offer our customers the latest industry technologies in simple and robust devices.

Unique Projects

We have more than 25 years of experience in the development and industrialisation of technological projects.

ID Vita

ID Vita is a Smartwatch device with the latest advances and software fully adapted to the telecare needs of residences, hospitals or other activities.

Specialising in health

It has the most advanced functionalities in the sector for general monitoring and tracking of the user: heart rate and blood pressure, among others.

Adapted to health centres

Fully customised software adapted to the needs of any centre.

Thinking about telecare

ID Vita includes everything necessary to offer the best telecare services: monitoring, geolocation, fall sensor and immediate warning system.

Robust and accessible design

The hardware and software design of ID Vita has its end users in mind.


Mimov3 is a telecare device specially designed to be accessible and easy to use for all kinds of users. It is a project developed with our client UNEI.

Simple and accessible

Mimov3 offers its users a simple and accessible telecare device with the latest technology.

Unique features

We have incorporated the latest technologies in the sector such as GPS, 2G, Wifi, Bluetooth or an accelerometer. Certified with an IP67 degree of protection.

Comfortable and handy

Thanks to its size, Mimov3 is a unique device to accompany its users at all times.

Working together with our partners