In the following video we invite you to discover a new preview of ID Vita, our wearable specialized in remote assistance, health care and prevention of occupational hazards.

This product has customized software to the millimeter and differentiating elements. Among which we find 4G+Wifi communications, a differentiating element with respect to its competition.

In Hospital Assistance and Nursing Homes, ID Vita facilitates communication and active user monitoring: real-time biomedical data, traceability in the hospital through codes, alerts to nursing or in case of accident - for example, fall - and a remote contact point to maintain constant communication with the user.

On the other hand, in the Prevention of Occupational Risks, our device is designed for intense working days. Facilitating communication, location, monitoring and assistance from your workplace or contact.

Finally, in the field of remote assistance, users can feel totally safe and protected at any time. At Intelligent Data we have constantly thought about the end users and for this reason it is a highly mobile and discreet device. Through communications and geolocation, both caregivers and users can breathe easy knowing that they are connected and located at all times, as well as assisted by a team of specialists.

In this way, ID Vita is presented as a state-of-the-art remote assistance system by means of an IoT bracelet, which provides our customers with the complete integration of the same with the main system of the residence, hospital or company for a perfect data exchange between the device and the database of the same.

Find out more in the ID Vita product page.